Muscletech SX-7 Revolution Clear Muscle 168 caps
Muscletech SX-7 Revolution Clear Muscle 168 caps

Muscletech SX-7 Revolution Clear Muscle 168 caps

The breakthrough in muscle-building is here!
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Ultimate Muscle- Strength - Power
Technology Meets Efficacy Without Compromise
Advanced Dual-Capsule Technology

MuscleTech Revolution Clear Muscle advanced formula building muscle mass. The preparation intended for athletes contains a set of ingredients that increase muscles. The combination of high-quality key ingredients using a bioavailable liquid complex containing BetaTOR®. High-quality ingredients perfectly promote the growth of muscle mass, increasing training performance.

The supplement rich in ingredients such as: BetaTOR®, PEAK ATP® and KIC create one of the most modern technologies allowing for the simultaneous release of a quick-release liquid and powdered ingredients.

Clear Muscle contains BetaTOR® known as the most modern metabolite and leucine derivative and HMB in the form of free acid. Such a combination is reliable and proven during gains in lean muscle mass. This is the first supplement combining the ingredients: PEAK ATP® and KIC to improve muscle performance, intensify pump and regeneration. Clear Muscle creates the perfect anabolic environment.

Beta Hydroxy Beta Methyl Butyrate (HMB) - a short-chain fatty acid is formed from the amino acid (L-Leucine) after each intense exercise or as a result of prolonged stress. HMB inhibits catabolic processes and stimulates the absorption of energy from fat. This component simultaneously reduces the degradation of muscle proteins and increases fat burning. HMB intensively supports the construction of lean body mass and accelerates post-workout regeneration in athletes and physically active people.

Adenosine 5-triphosphate (ATP) - universal energy carrier. High-energy bonds allow energy to be released as they break down. ATP plays an extremely important role in strength training. During the decrease in ATP recovery efficiency, the decrease in training capacity is noticeable.

Alpha-ketoisocaproate (KIC) - is an intermediate product of metabolism in the synthesis and breakdown of leucine. KIC is used as a nitrogen-free substitute for leucine. The ingredient participates in the regulation of metabolism, and thus reduces the catabolism of proteins and stimulates their synthesis.


4 capsules a day.