R1 Pre Amino 30 servings
R1 Pre Amino 30 servings

R1 Pre Amino 30 servings

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Part amino. Part energy. Entirely versatile. Use it in place of coffee in the morning or afternoon, a serving before a long study session, or a double helping before a tough HIIT cardio workout. No matter how or when you use it, R1 Pre Amino provides an essential amino acid boost and natural-source caffeine to help get you started and keep you going. *
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Following in their mantra, Better Input = Better Output, Rule 1 has created a high-quality amino acid supplement not only with muscle recovery benefits but one that will have you performing better as well.

  • Increase Recovery
  • Increase Mood
  • Enhance Performance

Combining the performance enhancing benefits of naturally occurring caffeine, with an amino acid blend that has been designed to enhance both recovery and performance, Pre Amino by Rule 1, truly rules all in the quest to peri-workout nutrition optimisation.

With added amino acids to support the removal of lactic acid, improve ATP production and also enhance blood flow to ensure optimal nutrient delivery, Pre Amino is the only product you may need.

The first rule of recovery is protein consumption and Pre Amino gives your working muscles everything they need and more.

Get the essential amino acids you need and the energy you thrive on, in the convenience of a single scoop